SZIKE Environmental & Health Association

The "SZIKE" Environment and Health Protection Association was established as a neighbourhood community organisation in 1995. By 2003 it evolved into one of the most known public benefit think-tank NGO on the field of home composting.

The aim of the SZIKE is to change the present attitude to waste, to shift from end-of-pipe waste management towards source reduction, re-use and recycling.

Our key activities

  •    - Educational and awareness raising publications - posters, flyers, booklets
  •    - "Compost-Master" trainings for individuals and communities, schools and municipalities
  •    - "Waste-playhouse"
  •    - Planning and implementation of home and community composting schemes
  •    - Advisory services and lobbying for better regulations, supportive financial instruments for home composting

The SZIKE leads the composting working group of the HuMuSz - National Waste Reduction Alliance, Hungary. Though this affiliation we reach out to the whole of the Hungary.


SZIKE Enviromental & Health Association

1162 Budapest, Formás u. 41. HUNGARY

Tel/fax: +36 1 409-0449

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